Kool-Aid or Not

I thought about volunteering to work in Vacation Bible School.  "I could pour Kool-Aid", I said to myself, to the air, to God. 

The thought was hardly out of my brain, when I was asked to work.  I went to a meeting.  Crafts?  Ok.  All of the crafts?  All?  As in Preschool through 7th grade?  Really?  Really?  I'm not a member of this church.  I'm not even Lutheran.  It's still ok?  Bring ideas?  Prepare for 100.   Okay.........Pinterest here I come!

The committee wanted big projects the children could take home and keep forever.  So.....big projects we did.

For one of our big crafts, we decorated artists palettes - but not the way an artist would!

We tore pieces of old thrift store sheet music and glued them to a blank canvas.  You can also use old books, magazines, or maps.

 Then (after it's dried) we attached vinyl adhesive letters/words. 

 The littlest kids put a prechosen word
and their sweet little hand prints on their canvas. 

Aren't they darling?

The older ones, painted over words they chose,
 then peeled them off when they were dry. 

They all did such good jobs.

The budding artists sealed their masterpieces with Mod Podge.

Their FAVORITE craft was the t-shirt project
It was something I had done with my grand kids
 (whom I miss more than they will ever know).

They put a red solo cup inside the shirt, secured it to the underside with a rubber band on the outside and decorated the drum with bright colored Sharpies.  Then they dropped droplets of rubbing alcohol (90%) onto the painted drum.  Watch the ink spread!  They allowed it to dry (about 30 seconds) before they were excited and ready to remove the rubber band and move on to another area of the shirt.

Did I mention that this was a favorite? 


and they all wore them for the parents program.


 Because it was their favorite project.

I heard comments like:
Can I work on my shirt some more?
Is this a doctor's office?
You smell like a nurse (rubbing alcohol)
and my favorite:
We're doing this for Gramma Camp!

We did another project - The Ten Commandments
but I didn't get a picture of it. 
It wasn't their favorite. 

It really was a great week,
even if I didn't get to pour Kool-aid!
Maybe next year!

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