North Dakota has had an unusually warm winter -
 days of highs in the 40's
and as of yesterday, most of the light snows had melted.

I got up this morning to a prediction of cold and snow. 
 Staying inside sounded good. 
 Watching it snow sounded good.
 Not cleaning, or sanding, or painting sounded good. 
But sewing pillows for the new couch,
 seemed like a great way to spend the day. 

I opened all the blinds, curtains, and other temporary window coverings,
and there is was - snow -
swirling in the yard
and dancing in the street
and sliding off the roofs. 

 I just had to step outside for a closer feel.

I stepped out the back door in flip flops,
Then to the front.
I'm amazed at how much snow sticks to soles of shoes
and understand why every house here has a mud room.

I checked the temperature.
That is seven.
Not 7-0

I went back to my project,
but my eyes kept wandering to the window.

I didn't make much progress today. 
I guess it was a Bad Weather Day!
Besides, I couldn't find all the parts to my
sewing machine.

Sometimes you just have to give in.

and weather the storm.

It's 4:20 p.m.
It will be dark soon.
And the temperature?
7 degrees.

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