One More Vanity Plate


It's MINE!

The night before we left for North Dakota,
we sold my truck
to a friend in need of a reliable vehicle.

The plan was to buy me a more winter friendly truck when we got here.
So after much shopping, we settled on a Toyota Tundra,
Four wheel drive,
 with engine heater and heated mirrors.

Then came the question of where to register the truck -
North Dakota or Texas.

Vehicles registered out of state
are still required to register in North Dakota.
So we made decision to register in North Dakota,
but still needed to show our loyalty to our home state!

What do you think?


  1. There is absolutely no place like Texas. But as soon as I saw it the old song "Take Me Back to Tulsa" came rushing into my head. I love it! And what a colorful license plate.

  2. Discover the Spirit (eh) that could really open some doors it seems to me. :-)


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