My Window Faces the South

Having lived in the country 99% of my life,
 I've never had the pleasure of watching the world through a kitchen window. 
 (My Texas kitchen doesn't even have a window)

Every morning here in North Dakota,
 I open the blinds as soon light begins to appear outside
 and watch this world go by. 

It would be really holy of me to say that I pray for every person I see out there,
but mostly, they just make me smile.

While I wash, dry, chop, peel, and stir,
I see marvelous sites.

The backyard American flag down the street
acts as my wind vane.
I wonder at the owner's patriotism
and whether I could get by with flying a Texas flag.

The church steeple reminds me of
how God is gently revealing himself to a people
surrounded by tradition.

The roof of Bruce and Glenda's garage apartment
is just visible two blocks down
 and is furnished with treasures
 from their Norwegian immigrant grandparents.

One neighbor has a new dryer
and another has new carpet.
Good for them.

School children tromp through the snow in their
 boots, snow pants, warm coats, gloves and toboggans.
They chat, dawdle, spin, and kick the snow.
They are precious.

One day three bob-sled toting boys
tried to get some action on the flat street. 
They were gone by the time I got out the door with my camera.

On a warm 32 degree day,
teenage girls walked on the snow packed street
 wearing shorts, flip flops
and warm hooded jackets.
I wonder what that's all about.

A snowmobile driver turns wonderful donuts
and spews high rooster tails behind him
before trailering his machine.

The man in the blue truck
spins/slides in the icy intersection every afternoon
when he turns around to park in front of his house. 
He lives in a house with other construction workers,
and a young family.
I wonder how that's working out

And yes, my window faces the south,
but I can't see Texas from here!

For you crazy people with a jute  juke box in your head
who are humming the tune
and trying to remember the words,
I looked them up for you.

"My window faces the south
I'm almost halfway to heaven
Snow is falling but still I can't see
Fields of cotton calling to me"

Yes, my window faces the south.


  1. I can see very clearly what you see.......and I'm right there.... for a moment .... (the world deserves to see through Renee's eyes... find a publisher :-))

    1. Well, obviously I can't entertain that thought without the help of an English Teacher to proof read!! Thanks, friend!


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