Work Day

On the way to San Angelo for work week-end at our Dove Creek house,
 we drove through about 10 miles of
burned pastures, mesquite and cedar trees. 
Then this sign really made us laugh....

Saturday Morning Priorities
Coffee on the Deck!

After hours of serious planning,
We finally get down to business
Trimming Trees
Stacking Firewood

Hauling Brush
To the home of the next bonfire (when the ban is lifted)

Then the mama says,
"Last one in the creek is a rotten egg"

Looks like poor old Max is the rotten egg...
That's as far as the transmitter on his collar
will let him follow his nose.
Poor Max

Even Lily got to take a dip

Then as an extra special treat,
We enjoyed the magic of the San Angelo Symphony
and the Cirque
Click Here for a little of the show:

What a night!
Addie (Hannah's American Girl doll)
learned to do the splits,
Harrison walked all the way to the car
just like the clown,
Tom was playing the mouth sax, or trumpet, or something
and Papa just wanted some ice cream...
It was fun!

We have sore backs and tired muscles,
But we gotta lotta, lotta stuff accomplished!

Why do we work so hard here?

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