After Dinner on the Island

Last night we had dinner with friends from home,
who are also visiting the island.

After Dinner Entertainment

They all have a device in hand!

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  1. Oh! Renee, it sounds like you are having a blast! We are still in Morgan City and hoping to go home at the end of the week. We have a vacation coming on the 22cnd to Cozumel. I can't wait! I haven't looked at your site for a while, and I just love it. I am looking at your book sight and I have one for you, "The Atheist Christian" by Craig Groeschel. He also has one called "Weird" They are both books that make you think. It's not as nice out here in the summer...I mean the people are different. We are watching the water coming into the river, looks like it will be flooding here in a week or so. Well girlie, you stay sad and enjoy your family. Later Wanda


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