Hannah 1:1-11

Nana, will you tell me a story?

Sure sweety,
Once upon a time in a far away country...

What was the country?

Egypt had a very mean king.
I don't like mean kings.

But there was also a very brave little girl there
named Miriam who had a baby brother
Wait, wait, wait, Nana.
I think I know this story.

The mean king said to kill all the baby boys.
Miriam put her brother in a basket in the water
His name was Joseph.

And the lady was in her pool
and said wait while I ask my dad if I can keep him.
So she asked her dad if she could keep him
and he said yes
and she took the baby to her house

And when he got big,
he went to a forest
and found 4 sisters at a well
and went home with them
and they gave him some sheep.

Then he went back to the mean king
and hit him with a stick.

Nana, did that mean king die?


  1. Okay! I wasn't going to say anything. Figured it was a typo. Then I got to thinking. It's a test to see if I am actually really reading the blog. Joseph?

  2. Joseph is correct - it is Hannah's recollection of the story.....


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