He Even Makes the Deaf Hear

Sitting at the front
Leaning a little closer
Reading lips
What?  Excuse me? Can you repeat that?
Missing the conversation
Missing the punch lines
Missing the sermons
Avoiding talking on the phone
Not hearing my sweet grand babies voices

Asking HIM:
"If You are ever just looking for deaf ears to heal,
I'm in line.
Please heal me"

That was my life for years
without and then with
high quality (at the time) hearing aids
that amplified but still distorted sounds

Age related
Hearing loss
probably genetic

After a year of ear infections
constant squealing in my ear
and reduced hearing,
I asked the question:
"Is there anything that's better than what I have"

"Oh, yes. 
Even today's lowest technology is better"

So they re-tested
computer analyzed
 and recommended
the right devices to correct my loss.

Blue-tooth compatible
smaller over the ear
no big pod
And I can hear
I can understand
I can sing (maybe on key)
I can hear!

And my phone, itunes, radio, TV, and stereo
will all stream directly into my ear
via bluetooth technology

I feel like a new person!
I never realized how handicapped I felt

The birds sing sweeter
Music is clearer
Conversations are complete
I can hear
And I know HE could have
and still can
totally and completely heal my hearing loss.
But for now, with help,
I can hear

I can HEAR!

Thank you, Lord.
Thank you Ted for letting me spend the money
Thank you inventors and designers for new technology
Thank you, Jesus

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