Snow, Flood, and Fire

Last summer when we were anticipating living through a North Dakota winter, we were assured that there wouldn't be that much snow - only 50 mph winds and days of -30 temps.  That was comforting.....

Thank you Lord, we went to a job in Southern Louisiana and were there for their "winter".  I think we had 4 hours below freezing!

We have friends in both places and have been keeping up.

North Dakota has broken snow records from the 1800's - something like 120 inches, maybe more.  Last weekend was the worst blizzard of the season.  12" of snow and no electricity for several days.  How hard for them to be without power for that long.  Gas pumps and grocery stores can't sell anything.  Hotel restaurants had to get creative with meals.  Food from freezers and refrigerators was moved to the snow to keep it from thawing and ruining.  They had to shovel snow, to get to their cars, to charge cell phones and get messages out to nosy people like me.

All that snow has finally melted and is moving down the Mighty Mississippi to Southern Louisiana.  In North Dakota, we stood at the confluence of the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers that eventually make their way to the Mississippi.  Several years ago, we went to concert on the banks of the Mississippi in Memphis and I hear that Memphis is preparing for the worse flood since depression years.  In Louisiana, we marvelled at the size of the river every time we crossed it or stood on its banks.  Reports say Mississippi River floodgates will be opened and that 25 foot floods are coming to the Achafalaya River basin - that is right where we were living and still have friends there.  What will they do?  Where will they go.

Meanwhile back home in West Texas, we've had a few showers but not enough to plant or lift burn bans or halt water conservation rules.  I sure wish we could harness some of that snow and water, and bring it out here.

Visiting with girlfriends about the recent tornadoes, tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, etc.  One friend suggested that all of creation is groaning for the return of her creator.  Now that makes me think too hard.  But I have to wonder...

However, I do know that He said, when we walk through the fire, and when we walk through the floods - that He will be with us.

Lord be with all those folks and their families and homes and property.  Protect them all.

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