My Cup Runneth Over

7 a.m.  Coffee in hand, and the house is quiet.  Everyone is snuggled under covers oblivious to the orange/pink sun blazing in the east over Midland.  I'm sitting in the school room - the floor glistens with glitter and confetti paper of left over art projects.   My heart is overflowing with thankfulness for this family He has given me and the choices they have made.  Holly home schools two days a week, substitute teaches at their school on Mondays and Wednesdays, executive directs a household, manages our mother/daughter partnership, supports her husband, and loves her parents.  Tommy is a hard working, energetic, dad pressured to make the best life possible for his family.  And he does a fine job.  Many years ago, he was Ted's choice for a husband for Holly - I'm glad they thought so, too. 

This morning as I talked to Ted, working back in Louisiana, his heart was full of longing for them.  He commented on his loneliness for us all and his remorse for our inadequacies as parents when Holly was growing up. For the times she has carried us in our craziness in her adult years, he wondered,  "What can we do for her?".

I kept the kids last night while Holly and Tommy went to the ZZ Top Concert (just because they could).  They were precious (the children, not ZZ).  Harrison (soon to be 11) is a thoughtful loving child who always has a hug and kiss for his Nana (and of course Mimi when she is here from Guatemala) - I take all I can get in case it stops in the teen years.  He must have told me 10 times how glad he is to have me home.  Hannah is not as demonstrative, but sometimes follows big brothers lead. She'll be six the 29th and is all about school, projects, and sounding out words.  She did tell me that she likes me better than Papa, but that will all change when he gets here and makes her belly laugh with his monkey sounds, etc. He's also a better snuggle.  Hannah went to bed with a pile of books.  Harrison went to bed with one, and probably finished it before he snoozed. 

I hear noises downstairs and need to end this conversation with....myself (?) and you (if anybody actually reads this crazy blog) . 

My cup of blessings runs over.  Thank you, Lord.


  1. I was a beaytiful sunrise. I was wishing that I had taken my camera to the edge of town. Sounds like a precious time time. Yes, girlfriend, I actually read your crazy blog.


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