Christmas Day

‘Twas the day of Christmas, when all through the house
Nothing was stirring except a finger on a mouse
The stockings filled by Santa with care   
Were strewn on the floor here and there
The children, fresh out of their beds,
Had  electronic visions dancing in their heads.
And Mom with an I-Pad, and Dad with a Nook
Were settled in their chairs, having a closer look.
V-Reader, games for the DS and the Wii
Were just all too much for Papa and Me.
We both silently remembered simpler  times,
When stockings were filled with candy and dimes.
But the spirit of Christmas filled us with love
And  thanks for the family to the Father above.

Being together makes all else seem small
Merry Christmas to family, Merry Christmas to all.


  1. Loved, loved your poem........you are soooooo gifted..... (Writing this from daughter Ginger's computer)

  2. That is so cool and so true. It is definitely different these days. Great poem.


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