Sleeping in Seattle

How do you plan for a trip like this, you ask?

You ASK lots of questions, read lots of googles, ask lots of people, pick up a lot of maps, and ask more questions. The more you study the travel sites, the better acquainted you will be with the area and can recognize more famous landmarks.

Our first day in Seattle we took the bus across the street from the RV Park to the Airport.  At the airport we boarded the Light Rail to Pioneer Plaza. At Pioneer Plaza we realized that we wanted to be at Westlake Center where we could board the Monorail to the most familiar site - the Space Needle. That's a lot of thinking for these West Texas country bumpkins.

At 520 feet off the ground,

it's a view that never sleeps - so the brochure says.

In the Pike Place Market,
you must have your picture made with the brass piggy bank.
 Coins go to some worthy cause I'm sure. 
(The guy in the background is not with us)

Here's Papa choosing a chew from the Gum Wall!
 (Not really.  He is making a contribution)

Gum is stuck to both sides of Post Alley underneath Pike Place.

Art of a sort lines other walls.

In the market you can buy everything from flying fish to flowers.

You can eat clam chowder where a scene from 
Sleepless in Seattle
 was shot.

And you must ride the duck boats, 
which tour Seattle from the streets and the water.

You see sites you've never heard of - like the second most photographed landmark in town - the carwash sign. Our guide said that Elvis once washed his caddy there and that there have recently been rumored sightings of him.

We drove past the Iron Man at the Art Museum. 
Those little people in the picture aren't with us.

And of course, there's the houseboat from the movie, Sleepless in Seattle.
We saw it from the Duck Boat (in Lake Union). It is only visible from the water. Our trusty boat guide (Captain Sid E. Slicker) says the house recently sold for 2.2 million.

We must watch that movie again.

My step counter recorded 13,000 plus steps for one day in Seattle,

 but my feet screamed 13 million. 
Maybe I should have rented a bicycle.

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  1. Awesome!!! Feels like I was right there with you-every step of the way. Can't wait to hear about your next adventure!!!


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