Navigating a road trip sure takes a lot of resources. Destinations, routes, waypoints, campgrounds, reviews, rates, exits, and the next destination all need a mountain of gadgets, gizmos, maps, and information. Then the next day the whole crazy process begins again. Today we reach uncharted territory - for us. A few have gone ahead of us. The first people groups, Lewis and Clark, the wagons on the Oregon Trail, and the railroads all blazed the way. Even the contributors to the travel advice sites were pioneers somewhere. It was all new territory for them.       

All to see some mountains on the west side of the continental divide. 

Most of life is uncharted territory that sometimes has to be navigated without many resources . Marriage, babies, toddlers, teenagers, jobs, houses, cars, and now we are about to navigate Social Security, Medicare, and dare I even say it - old age.
However, the one constant, tried and true device for navigating life is the Word of God. His WORD never fails.

  Isaiah 43:19 says, I [the LORD] will even make a way in the wilderness and, and rivers in the desert.

Stay tuned for more wilderness adventures as I try to navigate blogging on a hand held device.

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