Miracle Rain

The news headlines said that the

This lake that provides water to 350,000 thirsty folks in
 West Texas has received a Miracle.

We carried umbrellas as an act of faith.
We acknowledged our sin before God.
We humbly asked Him to open he skies.
We sang rain songs and read rain scriptures.
We acknowledged that He is the one in charge.

The prayers have continued.

Water rationing began.
Thirsty non-native trees and lush lawns turned brown and died.
Some homeowners drilled water wells in their back yards.
Others replaced the dead turf with artificial turf,
and rocks, and cactus.

A few weeks ago, these homesick grandparents went back to Texas just in time to witness some spring rain, water running into the lake, and blooming wildflowers whose seeds had long been dormant in the hard packed dirt.

Four walls couldn't keep us and we drove 
the country-side 
to witness this great green rejoicing of nature.

When the mud dried a little, 
we ventured to our own back yard 

- our pasture, 

my happy place.

How long has it been 

since we've seen these yellow flowers?

In April 2011, we were praying for rain.
In April 2014 this lake held less than 1% capacity.
In April 2015 this lake held 44% capacity.

May 9, 2015
This murky watered lake
that provides life for so many, is 
73% Full

we have seen a miracle.

HE gives rain on the earth
and sends water on the fields.
(Job 5:10)

May HE come down like rain on mown grass.
Like showers on the earth.
(Psalm 72:6)

Drip down O heavens from above, 
and let the clouds pour down righteousness;
Let the earth open up 
and salvation bear fruit,
and righteousness spring up with it.
I the LORD have created it.

(Isaiah 45:8)

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  1. It is awesome to behold! We are so impatient. I look around at all the new faces in our church and think about praying for new families, lots of new families-about the same time as we were praying for rain. Our lake is full and our pews are full. Is there a spiritual significance to that? I think so.


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