I've had a request to tell you how to plan for a crazy trip like we are taking. 
I am blogging on the fly with small devices and very little connectivity,
so I'm a little slow. The formatting may not be pretty either. 
However, here are some thoughts about Portland, Oregon.

Travel tip: Check Diners Drive-ins and Dives and Trip Advisor 
when looking for a great place to eat. 
We looked at Triple D's visits, then compared that list to Trip Advisor. 
The Tin Shed made both lists and was rated #2 for Portland.

After stuffing ourselves, we walked down
the street and found a food cart (truck, bus, trailer) pod 
with hot dogs, Mexican, Honduran, Italian, etc. 
There was even a Paleo wagon. 
No picture of the cart, but here's their sign.

We should have saved some room because they all smelled wonderful.

Interesting facts about Oregon:
There are over 500 food carts in Portland.
Lewis & Clark found the ocean here at the end of the Columbia River.
The spot has been named Cape Disappointment.
Medical marajuana is legal.
Recreational marajuana becomes legal for home use in July.
Pumping your own gas is NOT LEGAL!

Today's advice:
Check the reviews
Follow your nose
Don't complain about pumping your own gas
And don't  let your successes be confused with disappointment.

Thanks for traveling along with me!

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