One Year

Thanksgiving Day 2011
- a Thanksgiving in North Dakota without family.
The Lovedahls, neighbors and native North Dakotans,
not wanting us to be alone, 
 invited us over for a beautiful and delicious lunch
and then we moved into this house with a lot of
The beveled leaded glass window faces the east
and gets my attention every morning.
It's been the subject of a lot of pictures in the last year.

May 2012 -
Spring had never been more welcome.
Pansies in the pots and rockers on the porch
helped me forget about the needed work out there.

July 2012
Summer was perfect, the tree stump is gone,
fern in the pots, and a lamp in the window.

October 2012
Fall - the leaves turned colors, then turned loose.
We finally have new boards inside of the porch.

November 9, 2012
Winter arrived with a foot of snow,
(and the ferns were still green.)
Thanksgiving Day 2012 -
more snow and a chance to pay it forward
by sharing our blessings, our home, and a meal
with some RV dwellers here in this oil patch town.

Our Guests:
A California commercial building contractor and his wife,
 working here and living in a small motorhome,
trying to keep from losing everything
after construction came to a halt there. 
Another young couple finally back working
 months after being in an accident-
living in a trailer and looking for a house.
A missionary couple here on a working furlough
from the mission fields of Indonesia,
and their son, working to pay off student loans 
so he can go back to Indonesia also,
 all living in a tiny used FEMA trailer.
Another man from Washington,
also here escaping the terrible economy -
sending money home to his family
Not only would a turkey not fit in their RV ovens -
but a turkey breast wouldn't even fit!
So, yes they really enjoyed a chance to be able
to be in a house for a change.
We all still missed our families and traditions from other places,
but we felt a little like family after eating together,
and sharing stories
(and I was so caught up in the moments,
that I forget to take pictures of our group
around the table).
I can hardly believe it's been a year since our neighbors
and now good friends
opened their home and holiday to us.
But we thought of them as we followed their example
this year.
It was a good day
 and we certainly have a lot to be thankful for.
Giving thanks always
and for everything,
 to God the Father
in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
(Ephesians 5:20)


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