There's No Place Like Home!

I've been in Texas for a few weeks.
It's sure been good to be home.
I've loved on grand kids, visited and visited with daughter,
and talked non-stop over lunches with girlfriends.
Texas may be full of things that prick, stick, bite, and sting
but it's still a great place to live
and I do plan to live here again someday!
This trip back to West Texas, I found greener grass
(after a two year drought, it finally rained),
a little more water
(the water supply lakes caught good rainfall),
(Unique windmill at the end of the road)
and more hopeful folks
(there's talk of an oil boom coming to our area).
(Curious cow across the road)

All things familiar have become more precious in being away.
Someone said it another way - absence makes the heart
grow fonder.
We have considered selling the old tractor,
so I was out with the rising sun for a few last shots
and I pondered for the first time,
the part that tractor had in feeding me as I grew up.
(Overlooking my growing up place and someone else's oil well)
It kept me in the cutest homemade clothes and new shoes,
 gave me piano lessons,
sent me to college,
and bought my first car.
Of course it was my daddy that jostled up and down the cotton rows,
plowing, planting and harvesting. 
My mama sewed those dresses.
And I was the ungrateful child. 
That tractor has become a symbol of things past.
And of course, I just can't get enough of the
wonderful West Texas sunsets.
(My Back Yard)
It's front row seats in the old spring yard chair
for the daily dusk light show.
I love West Texas.
But now it's time to say goodbye again

and head back to my great North Dakota adventure
and my man.
My northern girlfriends are texting, emailing, and facebooking
wondering when I'll be back "home".
They are reminding me that we will be making lefse,
and practicing the Christmas cantata,
and going to the last Bible Study session. 
When I walk in the door, I know I'll say,
"It sure is good to be home."
Yep! There's no place like home!
so it must be true
Home is where your heart is
Home is where you hang your hat.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Must be how Jesus felt. At home on the earth they created and love, living among the people they created and love. And yet longing to back at home with His Father. Now, the Holy Spirit is living on the home away from home and longing, along with the Bride, "Even so, come, Lord Jesus! Come quickly!"

    1. Oh, Nathalie ~ that is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.


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