Pressed Down, Shaken Together, & Running Over

It looks like a foot of snow outside this morning.
As a southerner, it still amazes me -
it's fresh and clean and quiet outside.
I looked out the front door and
what did I see out, but my man -
doing a drive-by with his camera phone.
Crazy man!
I was just about to go out myself
and shovel our drive.

But I ended up helping Clarice, from across the street.
She needed to get her car out of the garage,
 because she was on the schedule to work at the church bazaar.
She protested my help the whole time,
but we got it done in half the time.

I went back to work on my own drive,
and neighbor Brian came around the corner with his
big fancy snow thrower blower thingy.

Which proves the truth of Luke 6:38
 Give, and it will be given to you.
 A good measure,
pressed down,
 shaken together
 and running over...
(Red because Jesus said it)
When I came back into the house,
I heard a stanza of Amazing Grace coming through
my ipod:
...the earth will soon dissolve like snow...
and I thought to myself-
this stuff ain't dissolving for a loooong time.
Stay warm, my friends!

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