Just like a fish - I was hooked from the first bite.
I would buy it at Farmer's Market
and finish it before I got home.
So I bought more at the next Farmer's Market
...and ate it before I got home.
Yep! - Seriously HOOKED on lefse!
Lefse is a Norwegian delicacy
and is passionately loved by the Norwegians here in North Dakota 
(30% of North Dakotans are of Norwegian ancestry
not counting us oilfield invaders)
Elaine and Glenda invited me to join them making
Lefse for the holidays!
Bless their hearts - I was so excited.
For each batch we needed
potatoes, butter, cream and flour.
The recipe was from Glenda's vintage recipe book.
First we peeled and cooked the potatoes,
added butter and cream,
then riced the potatoes.

 added flour until it was just right.

and rolled them into balls.
Here's Elaine teaching me to roll the dough
as thin as thinly possible with a rolling pin
that wears a sock.
There's a knack to it.
I didn't get it!

Glenda showed me how to cook the lefse on what else,
but a lefse grill. 

They are flipped with a special lefse
turning stick that looks like a long paint stir stick.

We tested, tasted, laughed, played with the sticks,
and solved all the ills of the world including our community.
They told me about the neighbors, the preacher, the church, their kids,
being Norwegian, making lefse and eating it.
We even had a few sword fights with those sticks -
I bet that's a Norwegian tradition, too!
At the end of the day we had a stack of about 120
- not included what we had eaten with butter and sugar-
and noses and a kitchen that were as white as the snow outside.

I'll bring some for Christmas so you can taste it...

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  1. Yumm! And what great fun. There is no bonding time quite like kitchen bonding. Can't wait but I guess I will have to.


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