Today's North Dakota temperature is a cool breezy 48.
Tonights low is to be 28.
A couple of mornings ago it 12 degrees - burrr,
and last week we had near 70 temps.

Green leaves are cautiously pushing through bark.

The rhubarb is bravest,

along with something - maybe chives- in the herb garden

ignoring the harsh reminders of the neighbors and store clerks
that the worst blizzard of last winter was
May 1.

But the geese are overhead shouting,
"honk if you see Canada!",
  ducks are resting in thawed ponds,

and robins are already drilling in my northern yard for tastey worms.

I love spring - it is new and fresh and clean.
It is goodbye to cold darkness.
It is full of hope.

On our last trip to Texas (last month) 
Spring had sprung!

This wedding planners dream of a bush has a name with rose in it,

but I don't remember the name, and I guess it doesn't matter.

It is photogenic and worth a sit on the porch to bask in it's beauty.
That's Papa and his girl having a little chat.

This is a field of the most fragrant,
best smelling
I have ever, ever smelled.
It should be bottled.

I smelled it first from the back seat of a Harley.
From then on, it was our sping ritual to ride out to the lake -
driving slow - breathing deep.
Did I mention that is smells good?
It's the shorter flower below
with bluebonnets.
I've been doing some research on it-
It's proper name is
Astragalus crassicarpus,
also know as groundplum milkvetch
buffalo bean
buffalo clover
purple clover.
Whatever it is called,
it sure makes my nose happy.

And my sweet neighbor sent me a text picture of
(the state flower of Texas)
blooming in my Texas yard. 

I love spring.

The flowers appear on the earth;
The time of singing has come 
(Song of Solomon 2:12)

Happy Spring Ya'll!!


  1. That robin is hopping around in light snow this morning!

  2. You got snow! We got rain tonight! I love spring too! Sounds like spring in North Dakota may be as fickle as spring in west Texas.


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