Waiting in airports can be boring,
unless you find a way to entertain yourself.

I am fascinated by all communication going on in airports.
(Not with others in the airport, but with
someone miles and miles away)

 Are they checking their next flight,
checking in at the office,

doing their homework,

Or shopping for his next set of wheels like he has done since the first one
- the 1963 Ford Starliner, that broke down on our first date.

When I get tired of analyzing the miracle of modern communication,
I watch shoes.

I believe, like Forrest Gump,
 "you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes".

But mostly I wonder

why they choose
the shoes they choose

for all that walking.

Then other times I just wonder.....

During our layovers in Denver,
I visit with a lovely lady from Ethiopia

who works at the magazine shop
and plays beautiful African music on the cd player under the counter.
She tells me it is "worship to God"
and interprets for me. 

While I juggle the computer, camera, carry-on,
and coffee,
I think about the instructions Jesus gave the 12 disciples
when he sent them out,
"Take nothing for your journey, neither a staff, nor a bag,
 nor bread, nor money;
and do not even have two tunics apiece."
(Luke 9:3)

Then when he sent out the seventy others, he said,
"Carry no money belt, no bag, no shoes"
(Luke 10:4)

That kind of travelling takes a lot of faith. 

I try, try, try to travel light,
still end up packing things I can't get in North Dakota, like,
cans of chipotle adobo sauce,
jars of my favorite seasonings
craft projects,
a candelabra from the antique mall,
and sometimes a hat or two.

People watching is great entertainment.

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  1. So did you ask if you could photograph all the feet or just zoom and click. What great pictures and examples. When Melissa started talking about Hannah last night I just got so excited... "I want a baby!" I WANT A PROPHET!!!" Good stuff. I feel like a pack mule any time I go someplace. So I can definitely relate.


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