Yummy Bread

Whole grain bread is so good and so nutty and so healthy and so unavailable in our small town North Dakota grocery store. So I tried making my own and am hooked on this bread recipe.  I am so hooked that I have to share it with you.

  And it has passed the most important taste test of all - the Man Test!  Not just the one I'm married to, but also the one's he brings home for supper. 

As with any bread, it's best served warm and slathered with butter. 
Have you noticed that cooking sites seldom have their own recipes, but refer to recipes from other sites?  It could get to be an endless loop of recipes - which it may already be.

This recipe is from Pinterest via Our Best Bites via Cooks Illustrated.

The catchy name for this bread is:

Multigrain Bread

Try it!
I think you'll like it!

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