Gifts from God

Back in Texas, I spent a few days with the GRANDchildren
 while their parents went to New Orleans on a business/pleasure trip. 
It was good.

Their schedule was:
Monday - School
Monday Evening - Cotillion

Cotillion is where 12 year old boys go
to learn etiquette and how to dance with 12 year old girls
while pretending not to like it.
This week was 50's night.
"Who is James Dean, anyway?"

Tuesday - Home School

Where it's OK to do your math, and grammar, and spelling in your pj's.

I saw a picture/post of the Pioneer Woman's homeschoolers doing their work on the floor..

Another home school mom posted a picture on facebook of her girl doing math in a lawn chair with a chicken looking over her shoulder.
I guess - if it works, it's OK.

Wednesday - School
Wednesday - Soccer Practice

Thursday - Home School

Thursday Evening - Basketball Practice

This is on the wall of the basketball court.

Friday - School

In between, we found time to eat creatively

and badly

We even went bowling
as a special treat for finishing our work early.

and something made us really hungry.

We had one really nice day to play outside.
This girl can ride like the wind
(and in the wind too).

Yes, that's a drilling rig across the road.
And for my North Dakota friends lamenting the oil boom there,
I could see 11 drilling rigs from their house.
That doesn't include pump jacks and tanks.
We've got it too.

One of the kids was eating homemade potato soup
from a bowl that said:
"Children are a gift from God"
Yes, they are.

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  1. So happy to see your beautiful face this morning.. it just blessed my heart.. and I am so glad you got to have wonderful time with your grandkids.. precious precious memories! I love you so much Sister Renee!


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