Greener Grass

Ok, Nana.

We're gonna hide.

and you come find us.

I already suspect that they are hiding in the tall weeds
that have sprouted with recent rain showers.


Ready or not
Here I come.

Where are you?

I'm gonna find you!


There you are!

These poor children
haven't seen anything green in 18 months
because of the drought in Texas.
They've sadly been playing in sand and stickers.

They didn't see this tall green stuff as stinky, sneezey weeds,
but something green, soft and wonderful to play in.

They revered it so much
that they fluffed it back up after hiding in it.

I guess that's further proof that we are created
to lie down in green pastures.
(Psalm 23)

Thank you Lord for showers and a green yard
even if it is only weeds.

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