Back in Texas

First day back in Texas, we made a trip to the deer pasture to get the hunting truck that broke down there.  The whole 50 mile trip, I relished the beauty (at least the beauty to my eyes) of dry West Texas. 

We drove through what was once the largest wind farm in the world. I don't know where it stands now, but you can probably drive in them for a hundred miles.

We stopped for a few pictures along the way.

Not everybody likes them,

but they don't spill oil or chemicals
and they don't smell like gas or H2S.
They are clean and somewhat blend into the sky.

This trip to the deer pasture,

I realized that I have had a serious long time
love affair
with pastures.

My earliest pasture memory
was driving down the trail of a road

to visit someone named
Aunt (pronounced ain't) Addie
who lived in a pasture.
I think there was a cistern in the front yard
and an outhouse in the back.
She may have even lived close to our deer pasture.

Everything about pastures fascinate me.

prickly pear,
mesquite trees,

critter trails,

and critter houses.

Even things people leave behind
can take on an art form.

the man after God's heart,
the shepherd boy,
song writer,

"He makes me to lie down in green pastures."
(Psalm 23:2)

Can I suggest my own version of this scripture?
(RRV - Renee's Revised Version)

He created me to
lie down,
sit in,
walk through,
and enjoy

Now that I think about it,
we were created to live in a pasture
(well, maybe a garden).

The Hebrew defines pasture as
a word altogether poetic,
a seat, a dwelling of men or God.
where flocks lie down, remain, rest.
Psalm 83:12 translates the same word
as house of God.

Trips to the deer pastures,
and lakes
and mountains
and city parks
might be nothing more than our attempts
to go back the THE GARDEN.
These could be places where we try to connect with
our Creator.

My pasture love continued when my family
moved to a cotton farm with a pasture
for me to roam when I was 11.
It's funny, but I'm not sure I could send my 12 year old grandson
to roam alone in that same pasture.

We live on the the family farm
and when we get back home to Texas,
I tell my man -
"gotta go to the pasture".
Boots, hat, snake gun and four wheeler ready
and I'm off. 
There's really no purpose there - I just have to go.

I'm pretty sure I've never laid down in the pasture,
but if I did,
the view would take my breath away
because I just might find HIM there.

I hope all your trails lead to green pastures...
and your Creator.

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