Unexpectted Blessing

Sing the praises of the LORD,
enthroned in Zion;
proclaim among the nations what he has done.
(Psalm 9:11)

The choir at Zion Free Lutheren Church has a new member. 

I was asked to join several times so I thought, "why not".
They were begging for women to join the choir, because
there were mostly men there for the first practice. 

It's been a really long time since I was in the high school Acapella Choir,
or since I have read music or harmonized.
My church back in Texas sings for an hour,
 standing, worshipping,
and inviting God to join us.
We sing the words from an overhead projector,
 with keyboard, drums, guitars, bongos and tambourines.
We are free to worship
and God shows up.
The name of the church is
Word Is Life Deliverance,
 for short.
(but it's really not all that wild!)
When I sing there,
no one knows whether I harmonize
or if I am in tune or clapping in rhythm
(which I'm probably not)

So with my WILD background, I went to choir practice
at Zion Free Lutheren Church
in North Dakota

This church of 200 or so has incredibly accomplished musicians.
Three different members led practice
and there are at least five fine pianists there.

My big surprise is that we are practicing
rocking contempary Christian music
some of the same music the WILD Church sings.

In Christ Alone
Blessed Be the Name
Days of Elijah

Only in harmony.
It is beautiful.
Absolutely beautiful.

Sometimes I can't hear my note
(blame it on hearing aids)
Sometimes I'm not on the right note
(blame it on old vocal chords)
Sometimes I lose my place
(blame that on bifocals)

But they are kind and encouraging.

And I am filled and blessed. 

I will sing the LORD’s praise, for he has been good to me.
(Psalm 13:6)


  1. That is so cool. I love the window. Is it your photo? Don't you think it would be fun to paint?
    Happy time change!!!


  2. I wanna come and listen and sing too.......... :-0


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