Crazy Quilt

I started cutting out this quilt years and years ago
using a pattern someone gave me.
When I got to North Dakota with the cut out pieces and my sewing machine,
I had to get help at the local quilt shop,
because the instructions weren't all there.

The owner of the shop gave me some tips on sewing each block,
then some ideas on how to put the blocks together for an interesting quilt.

To make this quilt, I went through three sewing machines
(total through the years)
and a borrowed foot pedal
from a new friend in North Dakota.

I loved sewing for them
and I had a crazy theory that the mother
should never look better than the children.

I would put them to bed and sew
then later I would send them to school and sew.

I made baby dresses, prom dresses,
and matching doll dresses
I made clothes for play
and costumes for plays

I made a wedding dress
bridesmaid dresses
and flower girl dresses

I made one prom dress the day of the prom
now that's crazy.

The colors and fabrics were soft and sweet
and wild and crazy

Each one was stitched with love.

From the very beginning,
I saved a scrap of each outfit I made
to make a quilt someday.

Someday has finally come.

While I was sewing the quilt,
it occurred to me
that my quilting skills
were a little like my parenting skills.

I didn't have a clue what I was doing
I used someone else's pattern
I had to get outside help from experts.

I tried it different methods

I ripped it out and started over more than once

In the end,
I had to do what worked best for me and mine.

A lot of pieces make up the finished product
The quilt has a unique personality

This quilt is not at all forgiving about slipped stitches.
Close inspection shows each one.

But unlike my quilt,
This daughter has chosen to forgive her crazy raise'n
and doesn't show one sign of my mistakes.
This crazy quilt
was stitched with a lotta lotta crazy love.

There's my Lady Forget Me Not dress
from my second grade play!"


  1. Made me cry! I enjoyed our tiny bit of time today!

    Love you, Girlfriend

  2. Love this! It is beautiful - so glad you were able to get it done. Miss you!


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