Canadian MisAdventure

We are both from Texas, both quilt a little, and both follow our nomadic husbands around in their jobs. 
We also both thought we really needed a Canadian Stamp on our passports since we are so close. 

 So with passports,  a  map, and a GPS, these two Texas gals embarked on a great Canadian adventure. 
At the border, we were told that we could only get our passports stamped if we planned to stay six months!
  We didn't pack a bag, so - no passport stamp.

It's amazing how different things can look across an invisible border.

And, no, that is not miles.

We don't see too many coal mines in Texas

Traffic signs are different
Stores are different (except Walmart, McDonald's, and Dairy Queen)
People are super friendly

In the town of Estevan, we had a sandwich at a little coffee shop.
and a hot cup of Saskatoon Cider
(Saskatoon is a berry native to the north land)

Pam was sure she needed to take some back to Houston.

We did a little shopping and sightseeing,
then headed back to our border.

That's when these two dippy Texans thought they were in trouble:

Where did you come from just now?
The Duty Free Store.

Where before that?
The Quilt Store

Did you go any where else?
Salvation Army

Please park your car over there and come inside.

(I think the correct answer was Estevan, Saskatchewan)

We were taken to a back room for separate questioning.
Pam was quizzed and searched first.
While I waited, I thought about the TV Show, Border Wars.
I remembered the drug dogs, searches, handcuffs.
I wondered why in the world they wanted us.
Maybe it's because her passport is full of stamps from all over the world.
Maybe, they hadn't filled their search quota for the day.
Maybe it's just because we are dippy.

Where are you from?
Why have you been to Thailand?
Why were you in Indonesia?
Why are you in North Dakota?
Who does your husband work for?
What does he do?
How long have you been there?
Where do you live?
You have a house in Texas?
And you have a house in North Dakota?
Did you find the last house there?
How long have you known her?
(We had only met this week)
and then
Did she rent that car when she got to the airport?
(Well, how should I know.  I didn't even know her then!)

Then, they searched the rental car
and told us to have a great day!

We had just been detained, searched and questioned
by the United States Border Patrol.
What the heck was that all about?

We were confused, relieved, and glad to be on our way south.

I think I'll keep my Texas feet planted in U.S. soil for a while

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