Too Much TV


 in my turn of the century
two bedroom, one bath
rental cottage with potential
in the heart of historic Tioga
the Oil Capital of North Dakota
within walking distance to the
 Financial District,
 Bank of Tioga
Shopping District
Food Pride
Tioga Floral
Farmers Daughter
Hardware Hank
Tioga Drug
 Restaurant District
Lil's Diner
The Sportsman
The Jungle
Entertainment District
Tioga Theater
 (Saturday and Sunday evenings only)
Senior Citizen's Club
 (lunch by reservation only one week in advance)
Skol Bar
(no reservation required)
Arts District
Crafty Hands
Nordic Museum
 (open 4-6 Sundays Summer only)
 Parks District

I am certain I have watched waaaaaay too much television
House Hunters.

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