Their Mama's off on a girlfriend trip
and their Daddy's gone on a business trip.
They are stuck with guess who - me
for homeschool and all those other fun activities.
Here's the recap:

"Nana,where are we going now?
Nana, do I have to go to art?

Nana, do you have any idea where we are going?

Nana, how long 'til soccer practice?
I don't know where my ball is.

Nana, do you have any idea where we are going?

Nana, I'll get my tennis stuff.

Nana, I don't think this is the way to tennis...

I'm really good at fractions.
Sometimes Mom doesn't make me correct math.

Nana, can we have a picnic?
Nana, can we have hot dogs?
Nana, can I have a Mountain Dew?
Mom always let's us have Mountain Dew.
Mountain Dew helps me relax.

What do you mean the dog ate my hot dog?
Did Max really eat my hot dog?
Where is Lily?
Nana, we have to get in the car and go find Lily.
Nana, we have to go buy dog food.
Nana, did you put that sack of dog food there?
Look, here comes Lily across the field.

Nana, Mom said I could be in charge....

Nana, will you play soccer with us?
Nana, are you ok?
Here, Nana, I'll help you up.
Maybe Nana should just play goalie.

Nana, everything you cook is best.

I can read your shirt-
World's Greatest Nana.

Nana, Nana, Nana"

Today's Thanks:
Grandbaby Girl
Grandbaby Boy
A daughter's trust
being able to play a little soccer
being able to walk after playing a little soccer
perfect weather
hot dogs
and even Mountain Dew

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  1. Love this! Isn't being Nana the greatest thing ever?


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