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After 15 wonderful jam packed days in Texas, we are back in the north land.
(This great Texas flag picture is not mine, but borrowed from the Internet)
Even though there was business to take care of,
I tried to fill my time home with as many of my favorite things as I could.


Group Hug?  Group Lean?
Group Lovin' on Papa!
We met in San Angelo for a soccer tournament
and to cheer on the grandbaby boy's team - the longhorns.
The soccer field is in the shadow or the O.C. Fisher Dam
(whose lake is sadly completely dry)
The Longhorns won second place. 
Five games made for a tired boy. 
He's eleven and all about the matching shoes
 and the hair
He assures me that he is not a Justin Bieber fan and had the haircut first.
Every morning the hair is brushed before the teeth.
If I had 14 grandsons, he would still be my favorite.
He says I'd probably tell them all that!
During a break between games,
we went to our favorite Mexican Food Restaurant,

...and aren't they the best looking family?

Being away has really made me realize how important friends are. 
People here are just as friendly as can be,
 but it really takes years to build strong relationships.
So, I saw as many friends as I could.
I met with my Monday night group, Tuesday lunch gals, Wednesday Bible Study and Sunday Church of course.
We visited at the coffee shop, the restaurant, the soccer field and the grocery store.  We worked on a Uganda mission project and had a little watercolor lesson.
I sent out a last minute invitation to meet out of town for shopping on San Angelo's Historic Concho Street and a sleep over at our cabin there.  Only a few were able to come.
But we had a really sweet time together.

Here we are down in the creek with the last of migrating monarch butterflies.

(Thanks Lovida for the great picture)

Still.  Quiet.  Surreal.  Serene.



Our cabin on the banks of spring fed Dove Creek
amazingly still has running water
 - even during the severe drought.

Inside the house, the fireplace is a favorite gathering place.

The rocks are some kind of porous Texas Limestone
and look like skulls.

So crazy Papa snuck down to the taxidermy shop
and added a little life to the fireplace!!

What am I thankful for?

Godly Girlfriends
Cabin on the Creek
Shopping in the Rain Shower
Running Water
Fall Leaves
Being Together

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  1. What a great wrap-up of your whirlwind tour. I am so glad to be counted among your friends. Thanks for loving , encouraging, and including me.


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