Bucket List

On my bucket list
 (you know, the list of things I think I want to do
 before I kick the bucket)
is to learn to watercolor.

I have a years long collection of
books, paper, paint, and brushes,
hoping that by collecting those things
I could do it!

For a year I have painted and painted,
 now have lots of ugly painted paper
and have reworded my bucket list item
from learn to watercolor
to just be good at it. 
I have felt really hopeless.

Then, my very talented, patient, teacher, artist friend, Nathalie
(click on her name to check out her blog)
sent me a tutorial to try.
She knew it was something I would like
New Mexico - Hatch Chilies

Here's MY finished painting:

Ta DA!!!

Thanks, Nathalie.

I'm back at my Texas home for
a couple of weeks and
as soon as I made a molehill out of the mail mountain,
I had these chilies framed and on the wall of my
chili pepper kitchen.

My chili pepper collection started when
my good friends,
answered God's call to Guatemala.
They sold and gave away everything that wouldn't fit
 into their vehicle and drove south.
The sweet grandson we share was only a month old
when they left - he's eleven now.

Their beautiful Chili Pepper Woman
came to live with me.

Walking into my kitchen reminds me of
New Mexico Autumns,
when roadside vendors are roasting chilies.

Once on a motorcycle trip to New Mexico,
we were overcome by the rich aroma of the chili roasters
and packed our tiny ice chest with chilies.
We could smell them all the way home.

Since I have already rambled all over the place,
here's Pat making chili rellenos in my daughters kitchen

Now where was I headed with this?

Oh, yes!
My bucket list...

....maybe I can learn

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
(Philippians 4:13)


  1. Good Job! I love it! I know you can paint!

  2. Renee, that is amazing! I have a bunch of magazines, fabric, etc to make quilts. You inspire me!

  3. Carol, Stay tuned for the quilt post coming soon!!!


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