God's Will

27 years ago, as a new believer, I wondered a lot about God's will for my life.  I had an idea that when God was ready to reveal it to me, He would go to the celestial library and find the scroll with my name on it.  I imagined Him scratching His head as he looked through the card file, "Let's see.  Cheryl Renee Patterson Floyd - born 1951 - reborn 1983-- ahhh.  Here it is....."  But He is so wise in not unrolling the scroll and revealing the "whole megillah", because if he had said, "Well, Renee.  I'll be sending you to North Dakota in 2010 where you will pray for the sick, feed the hungry, love the unlovable, teach Sunday School in a Nazarene Church, lead a Bible Study with some precious Lutheran ladies, and sign a little" - I would run backwards.  Wow.  What a time I have had here....

This RV is Rocking & Rolling today and the wind is blowing the snow sideways! God is still good!

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