Charbonneau, N.D. Ghost Town

We were out exploring the National Grasslands
and ran across the ghost town of Charbonneau. 
 A google search tells me the town was abandoned in 1960
 when the post office was closed. 
Ted commented that it sure didn't take it long to go down -
 so I asked him if knew how many years had passed since 1960.
Charbonneau School House
In it's glory, a railroad passed through the town.

The old and the older.....
Charbonneau is a hayfield now. 

Charbonneau is the name of Sacajawea's husband who accompanied Lewis and Clark on their expedition.  (The legend is that he won her in card game)  I recently asked Harrison if he knew about Lewis & Clark and he said "and Sakajawea?"  I thought he was so very smart, then I realized that she was in the movie,
"Night at the Musuem".
He (Char.) was a guide and interpreter for the trip along with Sacajawea, who spoke several Indian languages.  She interpreted them to Charbonneau was translated them to French and another person on the trip translated to English.  I wonder if it ended up being as accurate as the gossip game!

Lewis & Clark Trail Musuem
Alexander, ND

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