Texas Bling

I am doing the Bible Study "Me, Myself, & Lies" by Jennifer Rothschild with a group of ladies from the community.  We've been talking about our "thought closets" and what is there that should or should not be.  Today's show and tell assignment was to bring or wear something from our closet that shows who we are.  My closet is pretty small, so I pulled out (but didn't wear) my hot pink shirt with crosses & rhinestones along with my camo capris also decorated with crosses and rhinestones.  My plan was to say that I'm a little artsy-craftsy and that my creations usually look better in my head than in reality.  I didn't wear them because no one dresses like that here. 

The first person to show her closet identity was Ann, transplanted from Texas 30 years ago, but still goes back to visit family.  She came in wearing a big turquoise rhinestone necklace and rhinestone flip-flops.  She revealed that she also has a big purse with a rhinestone cross on it.  She said she felt out of place in Texas without bling!  Those poor gals had never heard the term.  Bling.

Then Renee from Texas pulled out her
...... Bling.......
How funny is that!

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  1. Texas Bling! My computer even underlined it, like - "HUH?". How wonderful to find a Christian sister who like bling, too!


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