Soccer Nana

The kids had 4 soccer games yesterday and I volunteered to help while mom and dad worked a charity event.  
 It was 96 in the shade, except there wasn't any shade.

Little sister was bored during Buddy's game, and practiced her photo skills with my camera.

and posed for pictures

and ate blue stuff from the concessions

and took more pictures of such interesting things

(That's my earring!)

I got so caught up in the game while she was playing that I forgot all about pictures.
The pink pirates were just too darling all dressed up for the game.
They have pony tails, pink, black & zebra ribbons,
and silver/pink shoes.
It's all about the outfit!

The coach ran the field with them,
jumping, swinging his arms, doing handstands.
Encouraging all the way.

Stay in the middle
Get closer to the ball
Hannah throw the ball in
Kick it Gracie, Kick it
Get the ball Morgan
What do you mean you don't want to play?
Go to the goal.
Kick it, kick it
I'm going to have a heart attack

Hannah played her best game ever.

The older boys games are more serious.
Our team was short some players and out sized by the opponent.
(Dad says those guys are already shaving!)

Harrison was bruised and battered,
but he had some great heat shots
(or whatever you call it when they hit the ball with their head)

I just didn't get a picture of it.

We were a little late to Harrison's first game ever
when he was four.

but when he saw us on the sidelines,
He left his team
and came over to plant a big juicy kiss right on my lips.
Hi, Nana

Near heat stroke and all
It's so worth the effort to be there.

Thank you God for grandchildren.

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