Pray and Watch

Lunch with a county commissioners:

Concern about the local fires
A visit with a city councilman
Talk about the fires
Visit to the fire station's open house
Talk about the fires
Driving her to a reported fire
And more talk about the fires

"The city council is going to proclaim
a day of prayer for rain
Maybe they should proclaim everyday
a day of prayer until it rains
Maybe they should declare a day of repentance

You call the station every time you hear a siren?
It might be my precinct
What did they say?
Lady, it's an ambulance

You should see the big trucks the forest service brought
Have you seen the helicopters?

I've seen a lot of pictures and reports on facebook

 It went all around the Eicke's house
But Eddie plowed a fire break and saved it

The Chandlers had to evacuate
Their house is ok

Our fire burned right between my place and Bill's
We never left
Fought it with shovels and water hoses
The county boys bladed around us

I have CRP on 3 sides and across the road
What should I do?
CRP is the worst.
Mow as close as you can
Short grass isn't so bad

Who's bringing all this food and water to the station?
The community has been great support
There are 9 fires going right now
Yes, we are tired
Most of us were out all night

Did you hear the radio just now?
That driver can see three fires
He wants to know which one to go to

Remember Elijah?
He prayed until it rained
And he kept sending his servant to watch for clouds
We should pray
We should pray until it rains
Pray and watch for clouds
Pray and watch

Pray and Watch"

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  1. At 5:30 Joe and I went to the square to pray for rain with the others that were gathered there. Joe and I brought our umbrellas, just in case.


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