Sewing Machines and Pianos

My 93 years young neighbor, Dena Faye,
knows exactly what we are doing while we are at home.
Mowing, cleaning, re-organizing, filing, paying bills, repairing stuff, getting ready to go again...

She traveled with her pipe fitter hubby in the 70's and 80's
following him and the 8 X 35 trailer from job to job.
She says she traveled all over the nation without a roadmap!
And her sewing machine AND her PIANO went along, too.
The thought of a piano in a travel trailer is so funny to me.

We have a 38 ft 5th wheel with 4 slide-outs -
which makes it pretty roomy,
and my man is pretty tolerant of the toys I bring along 
(lots of books, beads for jewelry, art supplies)
 but he has drawn the line on a sewing machine
 - and a piano?
Can you hear him laughing?

1 comment:

  1. I can't even imagine wanting to BRING a piano... lol... sounds like a great lady!


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