Sea of Uncertainty

I love hearing truth from God's Word and knowing it is for me. 
I love it!!!

Today I was reading Exodus 14,
 about the Israelites crossing the Red Sea. 
As the Egyptian Army pursued them, Moses told them to:

Fear Not (v. 13)
Stand By (v. 13) and see what the Lord will accomplish for you
Keep Silent (v. 14) while the Lord fights for you
Move Forward (v.15) instead of crying out
Go Through (v.22) the parted sea

I have been fasting and praying about my own Sea of Uncertainty:
How long will we be here? Where will we winter?
When can I see my grandchildren?
Should I look for a job? Health? Retirement?
Insurance? Houses? Land? Bills?
 blah, blah, blah

But this morning I heard God say: .
"Fear Not".  "Stand By."  "Keep Silent."  "Move Forward.:
"And just Go on Through that Sea of Uncertainty" 
"See what I will accomplish." 
"I will confuse your enemies." 
"You will come through the other side to Victory and Provision" 

Then I read my facebook friend, Jo Anne's posting today:
"Have you come to the Red Sea place in your life where,
in spite of all you can do,there is no way out, there is no way back,
 ...there is no other way but through?"

What an Awesome God!


  1. That is so rich and so timely. Thank you for sharing. I know that God will give you direction as you continue to pass thru!


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