Farmer's Market

There's a farmer's market every Monday morning in Williston.  I buy cabbage, onions, squash, rhubarb, green beans, cherries, but not beets!  One of the vendors asked where in the south I am from (I wonder how he knew).  I told him Texas and he replied, "I'll have okra next week."  How did he know that fried okrie and fresh black-eyed peas are my very favorite food.  But there are no black-eyed peas here. :(

 It's impressive to me that so many people garden and can here. Every house I have visited has a root (rhymes with foot) cellar full of jelly, jam, beans, and pickles. I spent my growing up summers doing exactly that.  Hoeing, watering, picking, cleaning, cutting up, sacking and freezing it all.  I stopped when I went to work.  I remember later years when my parents' could not give away the corn and peas from their field gardens.  All this canning makes me want to return to my roots (rhymes with shoots)!

Way to go all you self sufficient guys and gals.  I'm taking notes.

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