Taking Aim

It all started when I was four years old
and had a little fringed cowgirl outfit.
I thought I was Annie Oakley,
but I don't remember actually having a gun.

This year (2014) at the 
just outside Forsyth, Montana
I had the fringe,
and I had the boots,
and I had the hat,
I had my own gun.

and it only took six decades!
I can't believe I just said that!

Putting together a fun outfit had been
 in my sights for weeks.
I mostly shopped my closets in both states.
A friend suggested that Crazy Cora, from the movie,
Quigley Down Under,
 wore her corset and a skirt most of the time
(but that was just not an option for me!)

My rifle is a Sharps .45-70
 made and fitted just for me
in Big Timber, Montana.

The rifle took 11 months to birth 
and had only been in my possession for a month.

I have the greatest coach and cheerleader 
in the world.  

I took aim at not disappointing him.

There were six targets,
with distances ranging from 350 yards to 805 yards.
We got 8 shots at each target.

Wrap your mind around that girlfriend -
shooting at a buffalo shaped target
 8 (Eight) football fields away
with a 12 pound gun
(through bifocals, cataracts, and floaters
and without a scope!)

Drum Roll......
I hit two out of 8 shots at the buffalo.

I took aim in the wind

I shot in the cold

The only target I missed was in the rain.
Let me rephrase that - 
the only time I didn't hit at least one of the eight targets 
was when I shot in the rain.

Out of 615 shooters,
 my score didn't even get a glance.

However, since my cowboy didn't keep track of his score, 
I can claim the win between the two of us.

There were some of those
"what was I thinking" moments
like when the end of my barrel fell off the sticks,
and when my thumb was raw from pulling the hammer back, 
and I got up off the ground like anything but a lady,
and when I held the gun wrong with the bruise to show it.

But I did it.

Looks like I've come full circle - 
except now 
I'm more like
grANNIE Oakley!!

Here's a crazy quote I saw somewhere:

Shoot for the Moon
If You Miss
You'll at Least Land Among the Stars

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