All Creatures of Our God and King

Our Sunday afternoon drive was to 
where we followed the road signs and read the brochure
to look for the ruddy ducks, and red winged black birds
- through binoculars that didn't reach as far as we would have liked.

And the whole time, Sunday morning music was stuck in my head:

All Creatures of our God and King

As we took a different road back,
we spotted a century old church reaching to the heavens from the prairie.

Lift up your voice and let us sing.

We drove the one lane to our photo opportunity,
 with water lapping each side of the road

O Praise Him.

and saw more life there than we even tried to see at the refuge.


Let all things their Creator bless

and worship Him in humbleness

Praise, praise the Father

Praise the Son

Thou rushing winds that art so strong
Ye clouds that sail in heaven along

Oh, praise Him



  1. Wow.... The discoveries that are all around us... Open our eyes Lord


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