Rainbows and Sun Dogs

The winter blues were just a snowflake away when my man called this morning 
and told me to grab my camera and head east. 
 The temperature here in North Pole, North Dakota is -9 
with a RealFeel (what we used to call windchill) of -41. 
 The forecast for tonight is -31 with a RealFeel of -47.  
My Texas brain just can't quite wrap it's forgetful self around those numbers.  
Minus 41?

So I drove east and saw the most incredible rainbow ever.

I stayed safely parked in my four wheel drive truck and snapped away through the windshield.  Isn't it lovely?  After a few hundred pictures I drove a little farther and saw more of my rainbow

along with the sun... so I drove a little more...

until I could see another rainbow on the other side of the sun, 
through my windshield behind the radio antenna under the high lines.

  I'm sure my mouth was wide open. 

 I drove again to get a shot away from the dirty glass and wires.

And it took my breath away!!  
I needed CPR....some oxygen,,.
a paper bag.

But wait - seeing this rainbow was like a whiff of fresh warm air. 
 I thought Jesus might step out of the center of that 
glorious eastern light any second.
Surely this is what His Glory looks like!

"All around him was a glowing halo, like a rainbow shining in the clouds on a rainy day. 
This is what the glory of the LORD looked like to me."
(Ezekiel 1:28)

The colors of the rainbow melted together in blazing light
and the sun was amazing.

  It was the hope of a rainbow, only ten thousand times more hopeful. 

When I walked into church this morning,
 Carol Jean came to meet me and ask if I had seen the Sun Dogs
 - Sun Dogs
That beautiful sight is called SUN DOGS?
 Oh, yes, we see them all the time here. 
 A few other good folks talked to me about them.  

Then I excitedly asked the sleepy Sunday School kids if they had seen them. 
Huh?  Oh, we see them all the time....

So for my Southern friends,
if the nerd in you needs a little more info on Sun Dogs,

Stay warm and dry
and keep looking to the Son.

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  1. Oh my, my, my!!! How breathtaking! The photos are amazing so I can only imagine what they looked like in person. WOW!!! Sun Dog. Dog backwards is God. Hmm!


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