Friday Nite Bites

What do you do on a cold snow blowing 3 degree
 -30 wind chill blizzard
 North Dakota Friday Night?

At this house, 
we warm the garage

Ted makes french fries with his new
super duper potato shuper.

Mark makes a BIG pot of bean soup

Ted spices up the french fries
and our noses 

Pat fries up his special speckled trout from
the Gulf of Mexico
via Louisiana
via Delta Airlines
via carry-on luggage

His fried boudin balls were gone before the camera could flash

And there were  french fries.....

...and then there were none.

This is what happens in our garage most every Friday night,

not always the same food,
but always very good food,
not always the same crew,
but a welcome diversion
for every crew.

Come on over next Friday.
We'll have the garage warmed for you!

P.S. Don't forget your cell phone!

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