Nana Camp and Basketball Camp

One day this past week, I looked at the children and said,
 "Your mom is in the Minnesota Twin Cities.  Your dad is in Southern California. 
Your Papa is in Cool North Dakota. 
Your Mimi and Papaw are in Beautiful Guatemala. 
(I didn't really say it like that - but it sounds good!)
And WE are in hot, dry, blowing West Texas sand going to ...


I say WE, because I am the taxi driver to basketball camp.

At 9 a.m. the taxi takes the grandgirl to her basketball camp.

The I go back to the house to get the grandboy out of bed and ready to dribble, pivot, and pass while he tries to call time out.

We pick her up at 12,
draw a fast food eatery choice out of the red plastic cup,
go eat with the winner,
then go back to the school to drop him off for his basketball camp at 1.

Then we go back to the house for her swim suit and head out to swim lessons at 3. 

Then back to the school to pick up the boy basketball star at 4.

 Now throw in some soccer practice, the library, shopping, and putt-putt
and that makes for crazy daze! 

Then we end the day with a little one-on-one.

And I hear,
"Nana - if you would put that camera down, you could play with us."

I say, 
"Thank God for cameras!"


  1. What great shots! Hoop shots and camera shots! Whew! Makes me tired just reading.

  2. Mine have the same thought of "that camera" as well! One day Raven asked me where "that camera" was cause shouldn't I be takin' pictures?????? I told her "this" is a moment I chose to live and put the pictures in me rather than in a book!


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