grAnnie Oakley

Another new experience - my concealed handgun permit has expired.  Ted & I did our original class togehter, but mine has expired before his.  Renewal involves a lot of paperwork, fingerprints, re-testing, and re-qualifying with a handgun.  Ted is in North Dakota so I had to find a gun and practice without him (something I've never done).  The gun kept jamming, so I changed clips, then ammo, then oiled it - with no better results.  The next step was to go to the safe and shop for another pistol.  I looked like I was trying on shoes - not this one - don't like these sights - this one is too heavy - doesn't fit my hand - where are the bullets for this one ----- until I found the right fit and went to practice again.  I passed the test with flying colors and scored very high on the range.  Whew!  And I did it all without my armor bearer!

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