Psalm 91 and You

Psalm 91 from The Message Version of the Bible and a few tweaks from me.

 I wrote this in 2012 when life was good, when we were healthy, and when the world was turning. We were living and working in the booming Oilfields of North Dakota. Our biggest problem was where to go on our next day off. 

Today, the world is at a standstill because of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). As of today, there have been 1,289,843 confirmed cases of the disease and 70,631 deaths. 272,118 people have survived and  947,094  are currently infected.
 (Information from World Meters Info)

The economic toll will be unbelievably devastating when this is over. The fear and uncertainty give cause to the term, "Pandemic". 

We (hubby and I) are healthy,  and self quarantined. We have meat, vegetables, carbs, and toilet paper. And hope. 

Posting  Psalm 91 today takes on a real get in your facemask meaning. 

Read it outloud. 
Make your daily prayer.

 I sit down in the High God's Presence,
spend the night in Shaddai's (God Almighty) Presence,
and say
"God is my refuge.  I trust in Him and I am safe"

will rescue me from hidden traps
will shield me from deadly hazards
will protect me under His outstretched arms
will fend off all harm

I fear nothing
not wild wolves in the night
not flying arrows in the day
not disease that prowls through darkness
not disaster that erupts at high noon

no harm will graze me (when others drop all around)
I'll stand untouched
I'll watch the wicked turn to corpses (from a distance)
evil can't get close to me
harm can't get through the door
angels will guard me wherever I go
angels will catch me when I stumble
their job is to keep me from falling
I'll walk unharmed among lions and snakes
I'll kick young lions and serpents from my path

I hold onto God for dear life

He will get me out of any trouble
He'll give me the best care

I'll get to know and trust Him

I call Him

He will answer
He will be at my side in bad times
He will rescue me
He will throw me a party
He will give me a long life
He will give me a long drink of

*Here's a little side note.
The word salvation used here is
yĕshuw`ah (sound familiar?)
and it's meaning is:

salvation, welfare, prosperity, deliverance, victory.


which I'm sure you'll recognize as the Hebrew name for


So make this your prayer
and get you a long fearless drink of

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