"What season are we in?", 
 Pastor Rich ask the kids during the childrens' sermon.  
Their answer?


Never mind that
the first day of spring had passed a month ago,
Debbie opens the green house on Thursday, 
and that half the women in church were wearing sandals.

The children said,

We are like the house plants,

Reaching to the sky

For sunshine

and warmth.

Mrs. Robin is ready to  
to build a home for her new family.

The lawn chairs
are ready for cushions.

The porch is ready for some rockin' conversation.

and we, my friend,

are ready for Spring in North Dakota.

"He giveth snow like wool,
and hoar frost like ashes"
(Psalm 147:16 KJV)

But by tomorrow the snow will have melted,
and the fresh moisture in the ground will soon push up the irises, 
and the lilies, and the tulips, and the herb garden.

And He will surely give us 
these snowy
(Isaiah 61:3)

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