Miriam's New Dress


I'm Miriam.

When I decided I needed a new dress,

my gramma helped me sew it together.

 I live in Egypt with my two brothers and my mom and dad.
 We are Egyptian slaves. 

The army of Egypt was killing baby boys.

 Since Moses was a baby, mom told me to prepare a basket.

 When I finished I put it in the river.

 I was with the basket the whole time,

for I had been running in the reeds next to it. 

Pretty soon the princess saw it and sent her slave to get it.
 When she saw him I popped out of the tall grass. 
I said I knew someone who could take care of him.
 I ran to my mom and told her everything. 

We got to raise him. 

Soon he went to live at the palace.

I saved my baby brother, in my new dress

and Moses saved all the Hebrews when he was older.

(Third Grade History Project - complete!)

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