News from the Peaceful Valley

Here in North Dakota, 
the NEWS is the WEATHER and the WEATHER is the NEWS.

Conversations begin with WEATHER:
How do you like this heat? (80)
How do you like this wind?
How do you like this fall?  
Are you ready for winter?
How do you like this winter?

Well, I can't let today pass without reporting the weather.

The temperature is currently
 real feel -38

Streets are snow packed
School goes on
The Christmas choir met for practice at the theater
The Oilfield is in full swing.
And Papa hung Christmas lights on both porches today!

And conversation ends with WEATHER:
Stay warm!

And to my Texas friends in 
Ya'll Stay Warm!

1 comment:

  1. +17. No school, no Sunday school, pile ups, closings BUT Snyder Trade Days was not to be deterred. I went today after the thaw. Glad it is not sub zero here. You stay warm too.


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